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Welcome to ShangHai Nantec Textile Co., Ltd.
ShangHai Nantec Textile Co., Ltd.
Professional supplier of high-tech, multi-functional and environmental fibers and yarns
Functional plant carbon
winter and summer healt
Other products
Functional covering yar
For experience products
WINTERSUN?Thermal Feelings fiber
Thermal fibers are a nano multi-functional yarn made from various nano-grade natural thermostat, super absorbent polymers, UV resistant, nano metallic antimicrobial particles and special heating mater
IceKafe fibers use two main selected components "Coffee" and "Mica". adding a variety of special chemical materials, and then using Polyester, Nylon or Viscose as carriers to be sp
Micax?Cooling Fiber
Mica flakes are completely colorless and transparent, its melting point is 1300℃,so at the high temperature of 550℃ its physical properties are completely unchanged...
Gemans?Germanium Alloy Yarn
Germanium alloy has always been a popular health product in Japan, with functions such as negative ions, far infrared light, promote blood circulation, etc., and has already been extensively used to m
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Add: 3F, Building B, #2, Lane 658, Changning District, Shanghai
Contact: +86-13701701545
Tel: +86-21-59775790
Fax: +86-21-59775791
E-mail: bartlin1227@nantec.cn

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