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Welcome to ShangHai Nantec Textile Co., Ltd.
ShangHai Nantec Textile Co., Ltd.
Professional supplier of high-tech, multi-functional and environmental fibers and yarns
Functional plant carbon
winter and summer healt
Other products
Functional covering yar
For experience products
NanoBon?Bamboo-Charcoal Fiber
NANOBON? bamboo-charcoal polyester fibers are a three in one -1200℃ bamboo-charcoal+FIR+Negative ions-multi-effect, completely natural and healthy environmental friendly material. After using nanotech
NanoBon?White Bamboo-charcoal Fiber
NANOBON? white charcoal polyester fibers are made of bamboocharcoal from traditional high temperature carbonation burning technique, and ground into powder using nanotechnology; then, using nanotechno
 	 COCOTEX?Coconut Charcoal Polyester Fiber
Coconuts are an important tree species in the tropics; after the coconut flesh has been harvested for consumption, the shell is discarded, causing environmental problems...
WINTERSUN?Thermal Feelings fiber
Thermal fibers are a nano multi-functional yarn made from various nano-grade natural thermostat, super absorbent polymers, UV resistant, nano metallic antimicrobial particles and special heating mater
IceKafe fibers use two main selected components "Coffee" and "Mica". adding a variety of special chemical materials, and then using Polyester, Nylon or Viscose as carriers to be sp
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Add: 3F, Building B, #2, Lane 658, Changning District, Shanghai
Contact: +86-13701701545
Tel: +86-21-59775790
Fax: +86-21-59775791
E-mail: bartlin1227@nantec.cn

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