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Welcome to ShangHai Nantec Textile Co., Ltd.
ShangHai Nantec Textile Co., Ltd.
Group Introduction
Professional supplier of high-tech, multi-functional and environmental fibers and yarns
Group Introduction
Brand Story

Nanliang Group was founded in 1972. For more than 40 years' of development, the company has developed from a small company with more than 30 employees into an international enterprise and a large-scale enterprise group with over 20,000 employees.

Adhering to tenet of respecting for life and caring for the environment, Nanliang Group is committed to developing high-tech and environmentally-friendly textile products. Our products are sold well around the world through the global distribution.

Nanliang is committed to building up the mechanism of mutual cooperation, marketing, supply chain and technology partner appliance, to enhancing the international competitiveness of the gorup by technology and innovation, and to achieving sustainable development. Nanliang strives to create a healthy and happy enterprise group.

U-LONG High Tech Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 as a core enterprise of Nam Liang Group. The company was founded attributed to President Hsiao Ten-Po's kindness, who made a great career and aimed at providing more working opportunities for his townspeople in Chiayi area and reinforced group's structure. U-LONG standardize the production process, computerized manufacture facilities and professional lab test equipment. By means of well organization and management, it has been certified by ISO9001 quality management system, Oeko-Tex and Bluesign System.

We innovate, strengthen technical basis, properly control products quality and punctual delivery, which enable highly competitive strength of this company in the textile sector in Taiwan.

Nam Liang Group http://www.namliong-group.com

U-LONG High Tech http://www.u-long.com

Add: 3F, Building B, #2, Lane 658, Changning District, Shanghai
Contact: +86-13701701545
Tel: +86-21-59775790
Fax: +86-21-59775791
E-mail: bartlin1227@nantec.cn

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